Monday, February 22, 2010

The Plan

Today I had my appointment with my FS - Dr V - He is the most amazing doctor anybody can ask for - so caring and sensitive.

It was a very emotional appointment for me and I think for him as well. I could see the pain he feels for us in his eyes.

We have 4 embryos frozen with Vitalab, so Dr V suggested we try one natural FET cycle. He did a scan and I had one follicle - 21mm - I had to go for blood test to see if I have ovulated or still going to ovulate. The nurse phoned me back and and I'm still going to ovulated so injected myself with Ovidrel and know we just waiting for my cycle to start. Once my cycle starts I must go for a HSG so Dr V can see if all is well with my uterus.

Tonight I'm grateful for such a wonderful FS, a wonderful husband that supported me in this sad time and friends and family that understood what we were going through. Every day is a challenge still, but I will get my chance to be a MOM one day.


  1. You will get you chance one day. Don't stop believing that.

  2. I am praying for you Karin. I am praying that this is the last time you have to walk this journey. I am praying that you get your BFP immediately. I am praying that you have a safe and succesful pregnancy, and I am praying that God protects you all the way

  3. It certainly does help being treated by such a great Dr!! Will be praying for you!!!!